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Minor Tune Up $35
Major Tune up $65
Flat Repair
Minor and Major Repairs
Your Bike....
​   At Black Bird Bicycle Repair, every bike is treated with the respect it deserves.   
     We marvel at the engineering feats of light-weight bicycles, and love to work on them. We also marvel at the ability of most any bike to transport their devoted rider all over our fair city.   We strongly feel that with regular maintenance, proper utilization of gears, and appropriate fit, that your bike, be it a 'beater' or a high precision machine can get you comfortably where you need to go. 

Hours of Operation:
Winter Hours 
By appt only
Chain and component lubrication, tire inflation, minor wheel truing, minor gear and brake adjustments
​A "Minor Tune Up" plus bearing adjustments, brake and gear adjustments.  Includes installation (not cost) of wear items such as brake pads, freewheels/cassettes, chain, and tires.  Add $10 for a bottom bracket overhaul.
Labor rate: $8,  Coaster brake wheels $10, internally geared hubs $10 to $20.

Presta tubes $6
Schrader tubes $5

Repairs can be performed on an ala cart basis. Please stop by for a free consultation to determine what is most economical and appropriate for your bike.
We also offer:
Complete Overhaul $120
('Major Tune Up' plus the inspection cleaning and repacking of bearings and races).
Custom Wheel Builds

104 N.  Failing St. Portland, OR 97227       Between North Vancouver & Williams Ave.  Porland's busiest bicycle commuter corridor.   
Bus lines 4, 44, 24, and 6 have stops near by.